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Work Wide Shut


MARGUTTE. Article about “The Work Wide Shut”, an artistic tribute for the 50 years of “The Open Work” (“Opera Aperta”, 1962) by Umberto Eco. Four artist recreate four artistic projects, four reflections about open / closed work, starting from a…

The Art of Cinzia Ghigliano


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an interview with Italian artist Cinzia Ghigliano, first woman to win the Yellow Kid prize in 1978 (the prize for the best Italian comics artists of the year). Image: Cinzia Ghigliano

Her Ideal Reader


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract. Article about the art exhibition of the artist Cinzia Ghigliano, painter, illustrator, comics drawer. She has been the first woman to win the Yellow Kid Prize, the Italian prize for the best comic author, in 1978. The…