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Greetings from Mondovì – Mongolfiere 2016

nightglow 9-1-16 01

LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE January can be a dreary month.  The post-holiday weeks feel anticlimactic, empty, with little on the horizon except a return to normal routine.  But here in Mondovi` January brings excitement and wonder as the city hosts its…

Greetings from Mondovì – Mongolfiere 2015


LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE Frosted meadows and a blank, overcast sky today–the actual first day of 2015, with Italy finally back to school and work after January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany.  This late return to the daily grind may…

Epiphany Balloons


PIERGIORGIA ODERDA ABSTRACT. Balloon pilot John Aimo has a flying school and a club for balloonists in Mondovì. He has organized an international meeting  every 6th January since 1981. Pictures by Piergiorgia Oderda http://www.aimoballoons.com/

Greetings from Mondovì

ma che bella!

LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE A year is ended, a year begins On the second-to-last day of the year we took a drive to Rocca Ciglie, a little dot on the map we’d never visited before. With its castello, medieval tower, and…