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The Art of Bruno Capellino


LORENZO BARBERIS.  Abstract: an article about an art exhibition of the Italian photographer Bruno Capellino and a pair of ceramists (José Angela Saccone and Claudio Mancarella). Original title: “Il cratere dove gorgoglia il tempo”. Photos and drawings by Bruno Capellino…

Future: Impossible

la molla distruttrice (2006)

LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the sci-fi theme of the Dystopia, the “reversed Utopia”. Original title: “I futuri impossibili”. Image by Marco Roascio.

The Art of Lorenzo Avico.

2013-E2-54-18 001

LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the art of Lorenzo Avico, an Italian photographer that works in Turin. Original title: “Passaggio a Mondovì”.

The Colors of Nothing


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: the art exhibition “I Colori del Non-Esistere” (“The Colors of Nothing”) by Italian painter Sergio Bruno.

The Art of Cinzia Ghigliano


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an interview with Italian artist Cinzia Ghigliano, first woman to win the Yellow Kid prize in 1978 (the prize for the best Italian comics artists of the year). Image: Cinzia Ghigliano

Her Ideal Reader


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract. Article about the art exhibition of the artist Cinzia Ghigliano, painter, illustrator, comics drawer. She has been the first woman to win the Yellow Kid Prize, the Italian prize for the best comic author, in 1978. The…

Why Margutte?


LORENZO BARBERIS. (original article) SILVIA PIO (english abstract) Abstract Why “Margutte”? Margutte is a character from the Renaissance chivalric poem “Morgante” by Luigi Pulci. He is a giant, squire to Morgante, another giant, who is in turn squire to the…