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Fin-Negans Wakefield


Wakefield, North Yorkshire, and Mondovì, South Piedmont, twinning in a poetic exchange. The Red Shed Poets, Jimmy Andrex and John Clarke, and the Margutte poets Attilio Ianniello, Gabriella Mongardi and Silvia Pio, together with the Monregalese poets Alessandro Dattola and…

An Interview With Stefania Fersini

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LORENZO BARBERIS Stefania Fersini’s paintings faithfully reproduce crumpled photographs from fashion magazines. The artist, who has experience in design, is going to open an exhibition in Biella on the 5th October. Margutte has interviewed her about her work. Zaion Gallery, Salita di…

Autumn in Art

00 Bertaina (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. A review of the art exhibition “Salone d’Autunno”, organized by the photographer Bruno Cappellino and Margutte in Mondovì Piazza. Works of about twenty artists from Mondovì are exhibited. During the opening the poets in Margutte have read their…