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Poets of the World, Muhammad Shanazar, Pakistan

Title The Dance of Darkness

Muhammad Shanazar was born into a poverty stricken family in a village of Sub Division Gujarkhan District, Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 25th November, 1960. As a child he collected fodder and fire wood, grazed cattle and ploughed the farms. He lived…

My Blue Colour

R. Johnson Blues

ANDREA PACE I was but a teenager when I met Robert Johnson for the first time, the man who sold his soul to the devil in order to learn to play the guitar. I was not a cheerful teenager, I…

Poets of the World: Gabor G. Gyukics, Hungary


Gabor G. Gyukics (born in 1958) is a Hungarian-American poet, literary translator and  author of five books of original poetry, four in Hungarian, one in English (Last Smile), and nine books of translations including A Transparent Lion, selected poetry of…