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Alice’s Day


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: A short story by Laura Blengino. A contemporary myth of the goddess Aphrodite, living on Earth as a woman in the 21-st century/as a 21-st century woman. (Image by Lorenzo Barberis)

“Ascoltando Mondovì” – Drops of Scenery


“Ascoltando Mondovì”, Listening to Mondovì, is a writing project by the Creative Writing Workshop at the cultural association La Meridiana Tempo. Margutte has published the first piece here and will publish the others from time to time. Drops of Scenery was…

Fin-Negans Wakefield


Wakefield, North Yorkshire, and Mondovì, South Piedmont, twinning in a poetic exchange. The Red Shed Poets, Jimmy Andrex and John Clarke, and the Margutte poets Attilio Ianniello, Gabriella Mongardi and Silvia Pio, together with the Monregalese poets Alessandro Dattola and…

The night of the oracle


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: the analysis of the book “The night of the oracle” by Paul Auster. Auster writes about of a writer, Sidney Orr. Orr writes a story and receives a manuscript. It’s a literary game. This book is difficult…

The Reviewer’s Challenge 2


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: two reviews of two novels. One is true and one is false. Guess! Don’t use Google. “The Half Trunk” written by Lara Glen. “The Night of the Oracle” written by Paul Auster. (Picture “The trunk” by Lorenzo…

Blade and Ocarina


LAURA BLENGINO. Abstract: an article about the novel “Di lama e d’ocarina” by Italian writer Francesco Scarrone. Original title: “Il più gran tanguero della Pampa”:

The Dance of Simona Atzori


LAURA BLENGINO. Abstract: an article about the work of the Italian dancer Simona Atzori. Original title: “Simona Atzori, la vita è danza”.