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Dialogue between songs 2


LAURA BLENGINO Why A.LENNOX / The reason C.DION Madness MUSE / I see ghost AS ANIMALS Freedom G.MICHAEL / Jailhouse rock PRESLEY Bang bang N.SINATRA / She bangs R.MARTIN Discoteca labirinto SUBSONICA / Labyrinth ELISA Candela NOELIA / Light my…

The castle of crossed novels


LORENZO BARBERIS Abstract: a literary game. Two or more novels cross and a new story is born. For example “The Little Mermaid” reads “Cuttlefish Bones”. She goes on search of a pearl, held by “The Black Corsair”. Only a cuttlefish bone will defeat the Black Corsair.

Dialogue between songs


LAURA BLENGINO -Murder on the dancefloor S.E.BEXTOR / I’m your sacrifice O.HENRY -Devil in disguise E.PRESLEY / Angel R.WILLIAMS -Tick tock KESHA / 4 minutes MADONNA -It’s raining men G.HALLIWELL / Allelujah, I love her so R.CHARLES -Moondance M.BUBLE /…

Many mistakes


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: a literary game. Phrases where a word is used instead of an other word. (Image by Lorenzo Barberis)