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Message in a Bottle from Philip Larkin

Message in a bottle (2)

Messages in a bottle are passages, quoted from writers who lived in the past, conveying a message that can still be appreciated in the present. Philip Arthur Larkin, (Coventry 9 August 1922 – London 2 December 1985) was an English…

Identities, it’s about what ties me

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Sabine Huynh’s poetry SILVIA PIO (edited by) A long list of places, at the world’s opposite ends: Saigon, Lyons, London, Boston, Jerusalem, Ottawa, Tel Aviv , just to name a few. These have been the stops of Sabine Huynh’s journey,…

Mermaid Sea


SILVIA PIO Mountains rise above the sea and dominate inlets rich in fish and coral. Small beaches shine white among dark rocks, coarse sand made of ancient shells and corals, crumbled and altered by Time. Only pinkish shades reveal the…

The art of Franco Blandino

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GEMMA FRANCONE Abstract: the art of Franco Blandino. He mostly paints the seaside and the beach. See the link: http://www.francoblandinographics.it Image by Franco Blandino