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Galway Tribal Diaspora Project


Galway’s diaspora, like all emigrants, find themselves in various locations for a variety of reasons… employment, adventure, travel. For Frances Fahy from Corrandulla the reason was very much love. 40 years on she is happily married to Renzo and enjoying…

Kallerbay Storytelling


FRANCES FAHY Kallerbay is a five-year English reading and drawing project for 6 – 11 year-olds. We intend to publish weekly short stories in written and audio form on the www.kallerbay.com website over the next five years. Stories written in…

So Cold this Morning

Brian Baker per So cold

FRANCES FAHY Seven chimes of the Cathedral bell. Faster! She reaches HighBridge. Nobody around. She leaves bag and note near the Bridge Newsagent’s kiosk. Mum’s souvenirs. She grips the phone and climbs onto the bridge. Tried telling you, Mum! You’re blind!…