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The Elements, poems and photos


SILVIA PIO Air Made of air our memories are smuggled from oblivion, a habit of ours. Our thoughts are mysteries of wind wafting with our wandering; a breath of incense, a puff of sky intangible, impossible to quantify. The vital…

The Invisible Light

Ron Rosenstock, Sunset at Sheeffrey, Co. Mayo, Ireland, 1986 - The Culturium

RON ROSENSTOCK A meaningful photograph is not a photo of something but is something in itself. A photograph that is only its subject matter is seen and quickly reduced to a memory of the particular subject. A meaningful photograph is so much more. As with a meditative and creative…

Olfatto. Immagini del sentire


MARCO TOMATIS “Olfatto. Immagini del sentire” is an exhibition held in Mondovì and showing works of teachers and students from two important Art schools based in Torino. The theme is the sense of smell, the works range from paintings to…



LAURA BLENGINO An exhibition in Mondovì where photographs and stories combine. See the links: http://fabiorovere.daportfolio.com/gallery/496325#8 http://www.flickr.com/photos/fabiorovere/

A Photo A Day


LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: the work of Italian photographer Urfaut, and his project of a photoblog with a photo a day. (Photo by Luca Volpe “Happy Birthday, Mr. President!”, 2013)

The Art of Lorenzo Avico.

2013-E2-54-18 001

LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the art of Lorenzo Avico, an Italian photographer that works in Turin. Original title: “Passaggio a Mondovì”.