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Concerning “Tree”: Twelve Propositions


RICHARD BERENGARTEN Twelve propositions [1] 1.             TREE is a chant poem that sings the tree. As a tree itself is a harp that plays itself by itself in and on the wind, so TREE plays on and along the human voice…

A Dendrology: Twelve Propositions


RICHARD BERENGARTEN Twelve propositions 1.        The word anthology often means a ‘collection of poems’. This usage blends two ideas: a ‘gathering of flowers’ and a ‘gathering of extracts from writings’.[1] In other words, an anthology is conceived as a kind…

“Tree” by Richard Berengarten


STEFANO MARIA CASELLA An essay on Tree by Richard Berengarten (Photo: Fiorenzo Calosso) Related articles: The Albero Project (Richard Berengarten’s Introduction) A Forest of Trees (versions in different languages) Concerning “Tree”: Twelve Propositions A Dendrology: Twelve Propositions For more articles…