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My Boobs and I


FADWA AL QASEM They just don’t let me be. And so, I’m ever alone; they’re always with me. If I try to forget, to be oblivious to their presence, I don’t succeed. For the slightest movement causes them to wriggle,…

Silence – The Miracle of Life


Two poems from women’s world Silence Does my silence Fill the gaps Where your fingers poked holes Into your beautiful being? Does it alleviate your pain your sorrow your guilt? Then I will be silent. Does my silence Ooze out…

I Am What I Art – Fadwa Al Qasem


Untitled I lean Against an imaginary wall Breathless Some of me is still running A distant lull Of fast train on humming tracks My fragile secrets Reach up and hide the stars. I light my imaginary Cigarette It makes this…