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Trees generating trees


CLAUDIA AZZOLA The Trees No free playing on language, nor words stretched to extremes or any reference will suffice to tell the layers of the stony, crusty greenery of mountain trees, exposed to the blast, the precipitate of the wind,…

Welsh Poets in Traduzionetradizione


SILVIA PIO (a cura) An international magazine of poetic translation edited by Claudia Azzola, Traduzionetradizione is an interesting enterprise in the Italian translation panorama. Issue 13 was published last summer.The  cover image is a painting by Claudio Zanini (Hunting Scene,…


copertina n 117

CLAUDIA AZZOLA Issue No. 11 of the Traduzionetradizione journals - Editorial The present issue falls into two subjects: poetry and prose, the prose fiction of established nomenclature, presenting two extracts out of novels which outdo the plot and realism, and root in…