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The alphabetical Castle


MARCO ROASCIO Abstract: a literary game. The rewrite of “The castle” by Kafka. (Photo “Alphabetical castle”, 2013, by Laura Blengino)

Work Wide Shut


MARGUTTE. Article about “The Work Wide Shut”, an artistic tribute for the 50 years of “The Open Work” (“Opera Aperta”, 1962) by Umberto Eco. Four artist recreate four artistic projects, four reflections about open / closed work, starting from a…

The Art of Marco Roascio

cavallo e cavaliere travolti da un insolito gel (2007) reduct

LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the artistic work of Marco Roascio, an Italian painter that works composing and illustrating anagrams. Original title: “L’Ars Magna di Marco Roascio”.