Heligoland Interview


PAOLO BESSE’, JOLANDA MOLETTA. What does Heligoland mean? Who’s behind this name? Karen: Heligoland is a real place. It is an archipelago off the coast of Germany, in the North Sea. We felt that our music had this quality of taking…

The Torture of Love


LAURA BLENGINO. (See “I’m in love” di OLA from here) Abstract: a short story inspired by the videoclip “I’m in love” by OLA. Original title: “La tortura dell’amore”. (image”I’m in love” by Laura Blengino, 2013)

The Art of Bruno Capellino


LORENZO BARBERIS.  Abstract: an article about an art exhibition of the Italian photographer Bruno Capellino and a pair of ceramists (José Angela Saccone and Claudio Mancarella). Original title: “Il cratere dove gorgoglia il tempo”. Photos and drawings by Bruno Capellino…