Our Sections

La valigia di Hermes (The Suitcase of Hermes): Literature

In his metaphorical suitcase, the herald of the gods (and protector of esoteric knowledge) stores fiction and poetry works as well as critical essays and book reviews.
In 2018 The Suitcase of Hermes splits into three sections; the new ones are La voce di Calliope (The Voice of Calliope) for poetry and Il regno di Clio (The Kingdom of Clio) for fiction.

Le stanze di Cronos (The Rooms of Chronos): History and Utopia

Cronus is the Greek god of time, therefore we have put under his protection the column dealing with History and Utopia.

L’ambrosia di Dioniso (The Ambrosia of Dionysus): Art

In this column we are writing about visual art, theatre, photography, cinema, comics, videogames and more. We consider Art as something that entertains and enriches us, hence the title.

Il pentagramma di Orfeo (The Staff of Orpheus): Music

In effect Orpheus, the singer of Myth, did not use staffs, which were invented in the Middle Ages. We have combined here the old and the new, the classical and the modern in the field of music.

Gli svaghi platonici (Platonic Diversions): Miscellanea

This is Margutte’s creative workshop with literary and artistic experiments, and playful writing. Platonic is for us the world of ideas, which is after all very similar to the ethos of the Net.

La Vetrina di Margutte (The Showcase of Margutte): The best of Margutte

Since 2018, this monthly section features an article selected from the archives that we think merits republishing.

Non-concorso (Non-competition): a literary competition where the prize is publication in Margutte.

All the past editions can be found in this section, which was created in 2020.

The Albero Project

From 2020 all contributions to the “The Albero Project” have been collected here. Beginning with Richard Berengarten’s poem Tree and the 2017 edition of the Mondovì Festival of Trees, this project includes multilingual versions of the poem as well as other poems, essays, and works of art inspired by trees and The Tree.