A Sort of Catharsis

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Maria A. Miraglia and poetry


We meet people
so many
more than we can count
May be when travelling,
in pubs or schools
black or white
Christian or Muslims
fair or nasty ones
mean or compassionate
Each with their destinies
their stories to tell
their happinesses and sorrows
We talk with them
listen to them
share segments of life
to see them go
each to walk
the paths
of their individual lives
Nothing abides
neither the memories
shadows fading away
in the darkness of the past
the just lived


Light my soul
like a petal of a white rose
suspended between
the sky and sea
in the uncerain air
of the early morning
far from the world noises

Still sleeping are the birds
the sea is calm
silent the winds
and me freely hovering
while curious observe
the dim colors of dawn

Distant at the horizon
a boat solitary goes
like an old wanderer
while some lights
shyly peeking
through the dark mantle
of the night
draw imaginary scenaries
on the expanse of the blue

In the silence
a celestial tune
can now be heard
and me in the void
full of the immense
part of it feel to be

(all rights reserved Sept, 4 -2015)

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Maria Miraglia: «I was born and live in Italy, a country I love a lot even if I often prefer to say I’m a citizen of the world. I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Bari and also got a Master’s degree in Evaluation and Assessment at the same University, a Master’s degree in Teaching of Modern Languages at the University of Rome and the HLC (highest- level Certification) from Trinity College-UK. I taught in high secondary schools , was lecturer in courses for post-graduate students, in courses for language teachers and tutors in English, Scottish and Irish colleges for Italian students. I collaborated with the Ministry of Education for studies and projects relating to international language certifications. For a long time I have been an active member of Amnesty International for the defense of human rights, and I am a co-founder of World Foundation for Peace, which has over 6,000 members. Recently some of my poems have been included in an anthology, Petals in the Clouds, edited by the publishing house Rupe Mutevole, Parma, Italy, together with six Italian poets. I also had the pleasure to be chosen as a featured poet in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry and am a contributor of many poetry groups’ pages both in English and Italian languages».