Poets of the World, Fahredin Shehu, Kosovo


Foto by Denisa Duran, in Malta 2013

Fahredin Shehu was born in Rahovec, in southeastern Kosova, in 1972 and graduated from Prishtina University in Oriental Studies. He actively works on Calligraphy, discovering new mediums and techniques for this specific form of plastic art.
In the last ten years he has operated as an independent scientific researcher in the field of World Spiritual Heritage and Sacral Esthetics.
He has published a number of books, including poetry, poetical prose, essays and novels, and his works appear in many anthologies all over the world, translated into many languages.
He has taken part in poetry events and festivals in Albania, France, Macedonia, Israel, Ireland and Malta.
He is Ambassador of Poets to Albania from Poetas del Mundo, Santiago de Chile and a member of the following: World Poets Association, Publishing and Editing Committee- Kosovo Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sport, World Association of Writers and Kosovo PEN Center. He was awarded the Gold Medal for Poetry as Bridge to Nations in the Philippines in 2014.

Looking to the East today

the bloodshed
the oriental
of spices

from different
are mixed
the joint
in different
there in East
and hopes
are brought
and mixed
with dismay
the inner screams
aren’t audible
just as the outer
suffocated by
the bombing loud

who is not
the heartache today
does he deserve
to be called Human.


I bemoan for the dead children

…for there’s no reason to die
as a child sleeping in a ropey land,
I use to cry long ago while my tongue
was gnarled and knotted in nine knots.
I was unable to speak neither scream,
nor rebel harshly as mad cat pulled
to the wall- the dog was attacking strikingly.

Today my being groans again; the blood
hardens in my veins- you might think,
they are crimson pearls for the land of olives
and pomegranates.

Gaza… you- the leaking wound of mankind
and our perpetual disgrace.

This is why all Angels are mocking us.
This is why all Demons pity us.

This is why we all shall mourn for
the Crescent, for the Cross, for Magen David
for the Passover, for the Shoah, for the Nakbah…

This is why we never got a lesson.

This is why the reason never and ever
was able to compete with Love.

This is why I’m in Love with Humanity
yet I bemoan for the dead children, in Gaza
yesterday, today and the day after.

© Fahredin Shehu