Poets of the World, Ashok Chakravarthy, India

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Poet and review writer, he is from Hyderabad City. He has been composing poetry for the past 25 years, producing nearly 1200 poems, several of which appeared in international literary journals, anthologies, websites etc. He has been conferred with many titles and has received important international awards and prizes.
He has published four collections of poetry and four spiritual/devotional books, translated into English from his mother tongue Telugu.
He is a member of the Global Harmony Association (GHA), coauthor of the GHA World Harmony/Peace Academy Project and The ABC of Harmony, and General Director of the National Harmony/Peace Academy (NHPA), India.
He is presently employed at a Government-partnered State Co-op Bank in Hyderabad City, India.

Poeti di diverse nazionalità in Romania

Poeti di diverse nazionalità in Romania


Either a lively day
Or a lethargic one,
As usual, in a routine
Everything slips into past.
Back from the school
On the streets, cool,
Children, in groups gather
Often scatter here and there.

Childhood memories
Sweep my thoughts,
Youthful imaginations
Stir my heart of hearts.
In betwixt these twinkles,
The clouds of darkness
Infiltrate my illusions
And dampen the spirit
Of the ever-elusive path
Of the ultimate of life…
That often eludes me.

Every dusk-fall
Implants a new hope,
Whilst every dawn
Routinely uproots it.
Childhood eclipsed
Into youthfulness,
And youth into mid-life.
The deceitful paths
On the meadows of future
Keeps confusing me, and
Caught midst elusive paths
Struggling to reconcile myself,
I aspire for a stable course
To tread the road, never taken.


Silence, Above All

Without love…
there is no tolerance
Without tolerance…
there is no peace
Without peace…
there is no prosperity
Without prosperity…
there is no happiness
Without happiness…
there is no meaning for life
And with silence…
everything above is possible

Through love …
blossoms harmony,
Through tolerance …
blossoms sympathy,
Through peace …
blossoms concern,
Through prosperity …
blossoms delight,
Through happiness …
blossoms togetherness,
Through silence ….
blossom the above all.

Yes, let us choose togetherness
To absorb ourselves in happiness
Yes, let us choose love and faith
To absorb eternal peace on earth.

© Ashok Chakravarthy