Call To Action For a United Europe

Europa-Bandiera-Europea5 Million Europeans Raise Their Voices Together:

Against Nationalism

For a United Europe

on Saturday 13.10.2018

We want a Europe of freedom and peace. Instead, nationalism is gaining sway. Intolerance is spreading. The voice of hate is growing louder, violence more common. Fear of the other, of foreigners, is being stirred up and turned into political capital. Calls for strong men resound. Corruption is undermining societies. The rule of law is eroding. Social gains and rights won through arduous struggles are under threat. Freedom and peace cannot be taken for granted.

It is time to lay down a marker! On Saturday 13 October 2018, we want to bring 5 million Europeans to the streets and public spaces where together they can raise their voices against nationalism and in support of a unified, democratic, and solidly united Europe.

Organize yourselves! Organize marches on 13.10.2018 at 14:00 (CET) in every city in Europe—not just cities in EU member states. Join forces: members of civil society, associations, religious groups, and NGOs, artists, citizens… We are many! Let’s show this on 13 October: loud and clear! Keep informed at