Bonelli Reloaded



This work is focused on the recent renovation wanted by Bonelli, a publisher dealing mainly with comics, on two of its series: “Orfani” and “Dylan Dog”. The first one is a new publication aimed to get the youngest generation interested in comics. The second has been one of the earliest publications in Bonelli’s backlist and is being published again with a new look. This is a radical change in the story of Bonelli publishing house, which is used to having a static nature. Can all this transformation be connected to a mere marketing strategy? The author thinks that the marketing dimension is certainly important but there is more. This article is a parallelism between the two works, which are both by the same author, Roberto Recchioni, and share the same important theme: the ability of comics to reflect the zeitgeist of the current society, in these times of global crisis.

(Abstracy by Giulia Cometto).