From Maria Miraglia’s Seagulls in the Blue



Write for me a love poem
when the moon
her maids calls to stud
with shining pearls
the dark dome
Write for me a love poem
when the winds
gently move the treetops
playing romantic serenades
Write for me words of love
when the waves
like joyful children
each other chase
at the first lights of dawn
whisper to the finches and sparrows
your most beautiful rhymes of love
like messengers they’ll come
to my window
singing their songs
to tell me of you
Collect for me
the sweetest words of love
when the morning dew
gently awaken
with its light touch
the still drowsy flowers
in the endless fields
And still write for me words of love
when the sky
on the horizon
in its endless embrace
the sky kisses


You that celebrate peace
and invoke spirituality
blind you stay
in front of the human misery
deaf as a bell
to the cries of sorrows
uncaring keep going on
when his hand open
a child ruffled his hair
dirty his cheeks
barely lit by the large eyes
asks you for charity
bread his meager body needs
a drop of your love his soul
like to him a sun ray
in a winter morning
a dim light of hope
to warm his little heart
But your head down
you hurry home
perhaps on human values
to write an essay
and if your mind by chance
to that child goes back
soon you start thinking
of the ineluctability of the human fate
is it to feel in peace with your Self
or because you believe
that also misery
is for God’s will


It was about noon
and we were sitting in the shadow
of the willow tree
on the left side of the house
The heat made us talk
of the weather
and he asked me
of the colours of the leaves
of the morning light
in that season of the year
of the sea waves
we could faintly hear
And the sun
what about the sun
he asked
Fuzzy and blurry his memories
for the long time gone by
I patiently offered him
details and descriptions
of the objects and things
that one after the other
he mentioned
veiled his voice
by a quite nostalgia
I don’t fear death
he said unexpectedly
when I’m dead
I’ll get back to see