A Forest of Trees

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Thirty-eight years since its composition, Richard Berengarten’s Tree has been translated wholly or partly into at least eleven languages. And with nine translations, TREE is now inaugurated as a multilingual project in Margutte.

Tree is published here in a number of versions, in alphabetical order by language, with links to websites where Chinese and Russian translations have already appeared. The dates indicate previous publication or composition:

Azerbaijani (AĞAC, tr. from Russian Elvis Aliyev, 2020)
Chinese (   [Shù], tr. Wang Ying, 2014)
Dutch (Boom, tr. Sylvie Marie, 2019)
English (Tree, Richard Berengarten, 1981)
German (Baum, tr. Theo Breuer, 1989)
Greek (Δέντρο [Dentro],  tr. Paschalis Nikolaou, 2017)
Hebrew (עץ [Ets], tr. Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann, 2017)
Irish (Crann, tr. Gabriel Rosenstock, 2016)
Italian (Albero, tr. Silvia Pio, 2016)
Russian (Дерево [Derevo], tr. Aleksandar Makarov-Krotkov, 2014)
Spanish (Arbol, tr. Clara Janés, 1986)
Swedish (Träd, tr. Jan Östergren, c. 1981–5, in collaboration with Anders Dahlgren)
German (Baum, tr. Theo Breuer, 1989)
Apulo-garganico (Àruele, tr. Francesco Granatiero, 2018)
Serbian (DrvoДрво, tr. Vera V  Radojević, 2019)

(Photo: Lorenzo Avico)

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