Poets of the World, Filipe de Fiúza, Portugal


Photo: Filipe de Fiúza

«You are alone, with yourself, in yourself. You flow alone in something that sustains you. You are alone as a reaction to the force that sustains you in the flow of solitude.»

«You who have ignited the light of super abundance shall establish peace once again.»

From Aforismos – Versus Vox


To be a hero’s son
To belong to myself fatal madman
Full of chance with no motherland
On a pilgrimage in rare valleys
Absorbed in the great conflict of God
Coming and calling us there
On the hidden song of thunderstorms
When you are born divine, this happens
Chasing the gratitude of darkness

The English translations are supplied by the author

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Filipe de Fiúza is a poet with studies in civil engineering and renewable energy. He was born in Sintra – São Pedro de Penaferrim in 1983. He began writing love poems when he was fifteen years old.

He is a member of W.P.S. – World Poets Society and the Portuguese Association of Writers, and represents Portugal in UniVerse – United Nations of Poetry. Since 2009 he has been working in several cultural projects at Caminho Sentido Associação Cultural, such as Poetry and Coffee Show.

In partnership with the Atelier Criart and photographer Mariis Capela, in 2012 he organized and presented a series of poetic meetings with local poets called Poetas Aqui Connosco.

He has published four books, three of poems and one mixing poetry and aphorisms.
He has been a member of Ordem dos Engenheiros since 2011, the Portuguese national public institution of professional engineers. He has worked in renewable energy systems in buildings, smart buildings and solar passive house projects.

He is also an activist in mental health and civil projects.