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Turn of the Century

C. Sottocornola, EIGHTIES,  Collage I

CLAUDIO SOTTOCORNOLA The 60s The 60s rolled by on a train the little American boy with his nose turned up in the air night fell mythological of stars in the sky … yeah-yeah songs… The “Knowledge” Encyclopedia taught Geography and…

“Glass”, new Song and new Video by She Owl


«The song Glass is about relationships and romance, focusing on the moment we realize that we are trying to please the others by imitating them. We see the person we love behind a cold, glass wall and we pretend there…

Crisálida, Laurine Rousselet’s unique voice


GENEVIÈVE GUETEMME (edited by) French poet and writer Laurine Rousselet, has been injecting in her writing – from the very start – an inexhaustible energy to give to the words, sounds, rhythms and her unique voice a momentum leading to an…