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Poetry and Creation: Three Poems from The Golden Chain


SARA RUSSELL The Golden Chain (self-published by the author, Venice, 1970; bilingual English-Italian edition: Florence: Paideia, 1998, reprinted in 2001) is a selection of poems written between 1963 and 1969. I helped my father prepare the first bilingual edition for publication…

The Elements, poems and photos


SILVIA PIO Air Made of air our memories are smuggled from oblivion, a habit of ours. Our thoughts are mysteries of wind wafting with our wandering; a breath of incense, a puff of sky intangible, impossible to quantify. The vital…

Bringing a Poem to Be


SERKAN ENGIN Bringing a poem into being requires a three-part supporting structure composed of poet-poem-reader. The poet-subject perceives the objective reality outside of himself as being a part of it and then he transforms it by using words, which are…