Monthly Archives: Tuesday July 18th, 2017

Poets from the World, Sotirios Pastakas, Greece


GREECE, A MOPED Greece travels at forty MPH like a moped along the coastal road. The highest possible speed coincides with the potential of an enamoured look. To record, to relish, to recall the light’s slightest deviations, the sea’s rolling,…

The Whole Shootin’ Gallery, Gabriel Rosenstock’s haiku


bíonn tú do do lámhach féin de shíor – lámhach mise: cearc fraoigh ag scréachaíl you are constantly shooting yourself – shoot me: a moorhen shrieks 猊下(あなた)はいつも こめかみに銃口―わたしを撃ってと 水鳥の悲鳴 * cuir piléar tríd an gceann seo an croí, an t-anam:…

Silence – The Miracle of Life


Two poems from women’s world Silence Does my silence Fill the gaps Where your fingers poked holes Into your beautiful being? Does it alleviate your pain your sorrow your guilt? Then I will be silent. Does my silence Ooze out…