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The World Becomes a Novel


WE-Women for Expo, a network of women from around the world SILVIA PIO (edited by) The building of the site for Expo 2015 was accompanied by bitter controversy in Italy and the opening saddened by fierce violence in the streets…

Sound, music, mystery

Fake Sunset Flower Music
Digital art ©2015 Michael Dickel

Michael (Dickel) Dekel, a poet and an artist SILVIA PIO (edited by) *** At the Cemetery The distraught woman bends over the disturbed ground, screaming at the man just interred there— cries of good-bye and how-could-you, pulled from deep inside,…

Rereading Teilhard in a Changing World


FEDERICO BATTISTUTTA The Cone and the Mandala The undisputed merit of Teilhard de Chardin is that of having attempted to enter into a vital dialogue between Christianity and the modern world. Implicitly, he was saying that the presentation of the…

Message in a Bottle from Samuel Butler

Samuel_Erewhon_Butler-Immagine da Wikimedia Commons

Messages in a bottle are passages, quoted from writers who lived in the past, conveying a message that can still be appreciated in the present. Samuel Butler (England 1835 – 1902) in The Notebooks of Samuel Butler (1917) Message in…