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From My Mother’s Diary


A mother finds out that her diary has been published online by her daughter. In the Italian section Margutte has already published “From the Diary of an Aspiring Writer”  and will publish pages from other diaries.

An interview with Annalisa Arione


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: Annalisa Arione plays funny characters on tv (Colorado; see the video “E…velina”) and draws, writing sentences in her drawings. She is extremely funny. (Draw by Annalisa Arione)

I Figli di Mondovì

2013-E2-43-17 001

JOHN I. CLARKE These two boys who appear in the doorway of the Café Bertaina, scamper between tables like untrained pups before their sisters, older, wiser at eight and almost ten; they who let curls tumble to their shoulders and…