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The Art of Persea.


ATTILIO IANNIELLO. Abstract: an article about the art of Italian ceramist Persea. Persea Nucleo Pratoferrero, 20 12089 Villanova Mondovì (CN) Italia E-mail:



LA.B. Abstract: a short story inspired by an art exhibition of Italian artist Cristina Saimandi, “Infiltration”. “Infiltracion” Cristina Saimandi (

An Interview to Anne Desmet

P1130192 (Copia)

INTERVIEW BY LORENZO BARBERIS / ITALIAN TRANSLATION BY SILVIA PIO. Margutte: You have chosen wood engraving as your main form of artistic expression, why? Anne Desmet: I’ve always been very interested in drawing in black and white, so at school I…

Vanity (of the) Fair

00 Steampunk

LORENZO BARBERIS. An article about the history of art and craft exhibitions in the city of Mondovì, in Northern Italy. This is a short chronology: 1829: First Art&Crafts Fair in Turin. 1870: First Art&Crafts Fair in Cuneo. 1878: First Art&Crafts Fair in…

The Art of Zanat


GABRIELLA MONGARDI. Abstract: An article about the art of Gino Zanat. (photos by Italian Literary Association “Gli Spigolatori” (The Reapers).