Poetic Utopia

A Letter to the World


A group of poets have written a message to the powerful of the Earth: give our planet back a future and hope to the generations to come. We will continue to ask institutions all over the world to start a…

I AM A WOMAN, no more and no less


SILVIA PIO (edited by) I AM A WOMAN no more and no less is a book in Italian, English and Arabic including stories of Palestinian disabled women. It is edited by EducAid, a non-governmental organization recognized by the Italian Foreign Affairs…

Giving the Voiceless a Voice

I trap a butterfly evidenza

Throughout 2014 as Creative Partners with Wakefield Council, Sarah Cobham and John Irving Clarke presented creative arts classes to the women of New Hall Prison and Asylum Seekers at the Quaker Meeting House in Wakefield. Using the liberating power of art,…