The suitcase of Hermes

Haiku, Stanley H. Barkan

Photo by Bebe Barkan

SILVIA PIO (edited by) New seeds from the old but still-living oak branches: big things from the small. Tohu va Bohu*: A flickering of His thought— spark out of the dark. Fading from the walls, the chalk-scrawled letters: “I have…

Parade of Poems for the New Year

407 giardino d'inverno

GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT (edited by) MORNING STAR Oh flower of Time Paul Celan The morning star befuddled by dark sources reflects for a moment in the morning’s red then disappears with the faded dreams of the night kindled by the light…

Parade of Poems


GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT (edited by) WALKING UPON THE EARTH Walking upon the earth All alone by myself, I swing up my black walking cane And make a heavy thrust At the hard cold crust of the earth, So the people on…

Parade of Poems

Immagine violino

GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT (edited by) THE VIOLIN OF THE BUSHMAN Weak is resonance of the sound a one stringed bent stick on an empty ostrich egg. Not an instrument for greater glory of whoever. Nobody else hears what the bushman fiddles…

Tanka & Haiku


MICHAEL MCCLINTOCK from Tanka (短歌 “short poem”) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature.

Let us go back to Piazza


JOHN IRVING CLARKE Let us go back to Piazza One day let us go back to Piazza where sun peers through mist and its brazen ascent is tolled by bells. One day let us go back to Piazza where racing…

Unsinkable little poems


Satish Gupta’s poems and drawings Water hardens into ice – a little warmth and it melts Our love solid as a rock, -but the stones are cold Passion does not drown desire Desire is unsinkable The master said, I haven’t…