Literary Experiments

Writing Together and Seeing It Differently


VIV LONGLEY Agbrigg Writers, a creative writing group in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK, has held together for nearly a decade now with six of the initial core membership still attending most of the time.  It is defined by several characteristics…

Dialogue between songs 2


LAURA BLENGINO Why A.LENNOX / The reason C.DION Madness MUSE / I see ghost AS ANIMALS Freedom G.MICHAEL / Jailhouse rock PRESLEY Bang bang N.SINATRA / She bangs R.MARTIN Discoteca labirinto SUBSONICA / Labyrinth ELISA Candela NOELIA / Light my…

Paper women


                (Paul Gauguin) LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: quotations from books where women are the main characters. One for all, Alice in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. See the link in Italiano.