LAURA BLENGINO An exhibition in Mondovì where photographs and stories combine. See the links:

Bonelli Reloaded


LORENZO BARBERIS. This work is focused on the recent renovation wanted by Bonelli, a publisher dealing mainly with comics, on two of its series: “Orfani” and “Dylan Dog”. The first one is a new publication aimed to get the youngest…

The Cross In Time

P1140204 (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. An exhibition on the subject of the crucifix in Mondovì. On display, a missal by Tavernier, a crucifix by Bernini and some tapestries designed by Rubens.

Santa Croce

DSCF4204 (Copia)

LORENZO BARBERIS. An analysis of the frescoes in the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Mondovì, with its interesting “Living Cross” (a sort of symbolic cross where each extreme ends is in the shape of an arm taking different actions)…

An Interview With Stefania Fersini

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LORENZO BARBERIS Stefania Fersini’s paintings faithfully reproduce crumpled photographs from fashion magazines. The artist, who has experience in design, is going to open an exhibition in Biella on the 5th October. Margutte has interviewed her about her work. Zaion Gallery, Salita di…