Platonic Diversions

The Torture of Love


LAURA BLENGINO. (See “I’m in love” di OLA from here) Abstract: a short story inspired by the videoclip “I’m in love” by OLA. Original title: “La tortura dell’amore”. (image”I’m in love” by Laura Blengino, 2013)

The Art of Marco Roascio

cavallo e cavaliere travolti da un insolito gel (2007) reduct

LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the artistic work of Marco Roascio, an Italian painter that works composing and illustrating anagrams. Original title: “L’Ars Magna di Marco Roascio”.

The Reviewer Challenge

Level up

LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: two reviews of two novels. One is true and one is false. Play! Don’t use Google. “Xingu” written by Edith Wharton. “Level up” written by Aretha Ball. (image: Laura Blengino, “Insert Coin”)

Platonic Diversions


This is Margutte’s creative workshop with literary and artistic experiments, and playful writing. Platonic is for us the world of ideas, which is after all very similar to the ethos of the Net.