Platonic Diversions

The Healing Dance


LAURA BLENGINO. Abstract: an interview to Alberta Assandri about her book “La danza che cura” (the healing dance), first Italian synthesis for dance therapy studies.

Tony’s Carillon


LAURA BLENGINO. Abstract: A short story by Laura Blengino about platonism and child games. Photo by Lorenzo Avico.

AD Parody


LAURA BLENGINO. (image by Marco Roascio) Abstract: a parody of famous advertisements by Laura Blengino.

The Torture of Love


LAURA BLENGINO. (See “I’m in love” di OLA from here) Abstract: a short story inspired by the videoclip “I’m in love” by OLA. Original title: “La tortura dell’amore”. (image”I’m in love” by Laura Blengino, 2013)

The Art of Marco Roascio

cavallo e cavaliere travolti da un insolito gel (2007) reduct

LORENZO BARBERIS. Abstract: an article about the artistic work of Marco Roascio, an Italian painter that works composing and illustrating anagrams. Original title: “L’Ars Magna di Marco Roascio”.

The Reviewer Challenge

Level up

LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: two reviews of two novels. One is true and one is false. Play! Don’t use Google. “Xingu” written by Edith Wharton. “Level up” written by Aretha Ball. (image: Laura Blengino, “Insert Coin”)