Platonic Diversions

From the Ship’s Log


Abstract: a short story of Laura Blengino. A married couple. A journey at seaside. Beach, sun, water and relax. And a bit of fun. Margutte will publish pages from other diaries. (Photo “Barca, 2013″ by Laura Blengino)



LA.B. Abstract: a short story inspired by an art exhibition of Italian artist Cristina Saimandi, “Infiltration”. “Infiltracion” Cristina Saimandi (

The Healing Dance


LAURA BLENGINO. Abstract: an interview to Alberta Assandri about her book “La danza che cura” (the healing dance), first Italian synthesis for dance therapy studies.

Rewriting Calvino


GABRIELLA MONGARDI. Abstract: an article of Gabriella Mongardi about the city of Mondovì, compared to the “Invisible Cities” of Italo Calvino.     Illustrations by Lorenzo Barberis: Le città nascoste Le città continue Le città e i segni

Tony’s Carillon


LAURA BLENGINO. Abstract: A short story by Laura Blengino about platonism and child games. Photo by Lorenzo Avico.

AD Parody


LAURA BLENGINO. (image by Marco Roascio) Abstract: a parody of famous advertisements by Laura Blengino.