Platonic Diversions


croci sul Cars

GIANNI BAVA lists what is the mountain for the people who go there: picnics, barbeques, glamorous skiing, old stone houses, exertion, climbing on soft snow, an experience that changes us. (Picture by Gabriella Mongardi)

Wedding Bisalta


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: a tale by Laura Blengino. Three mountains in Piedmont become the characters of an enchanted world: a love triangle with king Monviso, princess Bisalta e her lover count Costa Rossa. (Photo “Bisalta, 2013″ by Laura Blengino)

The night of the oracle


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: the analysis of the book “The night of the oracle” by Paul Auster. Auster writes about of a writer, Sidney Orr. Orr writes a story and receives a manuscript. It’s a literary game. This book is difficult…

The Reviewer’s Challenge 2


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: two reviews of two novels. One is true and one is false. Guess! Don’t use Google. “The Half Trunk” written by Lara Glen. “The Night of the Oracle” written by Paul Auster. (Picture “The trunk” by Lorenzo…

If we ever meet again


(Inspired by the music video “If we ever meet again”, Timbaland with Perry) LAURA BLENGINO Abstract: a short story by Laura Blengino. A man steals a painting and all is fine. But in the end something forces him to leave the…

Marlen Pizzo: the enchantress of words


LAURA BLENGINO Abstract. Give us two lines and we’ll read them, playing some music as well. Marlen Pizzo and Marco Marenco mesmerizing the public at a bar in Mondovì. (Photo “Serata D’improvviso, 2013″ by Laura Blengino)

From the Diary of a Housewife


Abstract: a short story by Laura Blengino. A housewife can not make a cake because someone interrupts her work. Margutte will publish pages from other diaries.  (Photo “Cucina, 2012″ by Laura Blengino)