Platonic Diversions

Greetings from Mondovì: Heatwave


LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE It’s hot here, seems it’s hot most everywhere in the northern hemisphere. Local temperatures haven’t been murderous, nothing above 38 degrees (about 100 Fahrenheit), nothing like reports of 45-plus on Sardegna and Sicily. But uncomfortably warm, the…

Rewriting Calvino


GABRIELLA MONGARDI. Abstract: an article of Gabriella Mongardi about the city of Mondovì, compared to the “Invisible Cities” of Italo Calvino.     Illustrations by Lorenzo Barberis: Le città nascoste Le città continue Le città e i segni

Greetings from Mondovì: A Hole in the Heart


LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE There’s a hole in the heart of Piazza. Our farmacia storica has closed its door under the portici, the metal gates pulled tight. The hand-painted sign remains above, as if some other pharmacy might come along to…

Greetings from Mondovì: A few words


LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE A few words—very few–as any attempt by me to make sense of or draw neat conclusions about 2021 seems presumptuous, futile, and redundant.  It’s been a year, four seasons and 365 days, events unique and mundane, day…

Greetings from Mondovì: Spring came early


LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE On 1 March I invited four friends for a properly distanced coffee on the terrace, even though it was the first day of another red-zone lockdown, in response to a third wave of COVID-19.  Squinting in bright,…

Greetings from Mondovì: The Smallest Things


LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE 13 February  It’s snowing again, a lazy tumble hiding not a thing, dropping a delicate web over tree and field, garden and wall.  My husband says he’s done with winter, and this half-hearted effort seems to show…

Greetings from Mondovì: No Rush

Close encounter

LESLIE MCBRIDE WILE 1 February  Here’s a new month in the new year, but I can’t escape a recurring sense of déjà vu, of experience spiralling back upon itself.  It feels as if the same full moon has been rising…