L’ambrosia di Dioniso

Will Hill Breathing the Kite


The area known as the Kite, on account of its shape, is situated in the north-east part  of Cambridge; it has a distinctive character, though much changed since construction of the Grafton Centre in 1981-1983. This destroyed a lot of terrace…



At the Haus der Berliner Festspiele on September 6th at 6pm, just before the opening speech by Elif Shafak, ilb (Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin) screened its self-produced film “WHAT MATTERS” which includes readings of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of…

The Invisible Light

Ron Rosenstock, Sunset at Sheeffrey, Co. Mayo, Ireland, 1986 - The Culturium

RON ROSENSTOCK A meaningful photograph is not a photo of something but is something in itself. A photograph that is only its subject matter is seen and quickly reduced to a memory of the particular subject. A meaningful photograph is so much more. As with a meditative and creative…

Art is in the street


Women, graffiti and wall art in Mimmo Pucciarelli’s photographs http://www.atelierdecreationlibertaire.com/croix-rousse-alternative/