Café-Lecture Social Coffee shops


An interesting experience in France to fight illiteracy and loneliness, and build a creative and free society. An article by Attilio Ianniello and a summary of the presentation in French of Café-Lecture “Les Augustes”.

Vanity (of the) Fair

00 Steampunk

LORENZO BARBERIS. An article about the history of art and craft exhibitions in the city of Mondovì, in Northern Italy. This is a short chronology: 1829: First Art&Crafts Fair in Turin. 1870: First Art&Crafts Fair in Cuneo. 1878: First Art&Crafts Fair in…

From Voluntary Slavery to Freedom


ATTILIO IANNIELLO. Abstract: Etienne De La Boétie and the idea of ”voluntary slavery” in his book (see cover above). People become used to tyranny, and so they are slave “voluntary”.

The Worker Organization


A.M. Abstract: an article about the old organization of the workers in the city of Mondovì, named S.O.M.S., Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso, that means “worker organization of mutual aid”. (image by Ezio Briatore).