Literary Workshop

A stroll in the city


CATHERINE LONIE Thanks to Irvine Welsh and “Trainspotting”, the ancient port of Leith is infamous. Even before Welsh’s novel, my grandmother had a low opinion of the place and would have been horrified to know any of her kin, however…

Kallerbay Storytelling


FRANCES FAHY Kallerbay is a five-year English reading and drawing project for 6 – 11 year-olds. We intend to publish weekly short stories in written and audio form on the website over the next five years. Stories written in…

“Ascoltando Mondovì” – Drops of Scenery


“Ascoltando Mondovì”, Listening to Mondovì, is a writing project by the Creative Writing Workshop at the cultural association La Meridiana Tempo. Margutte has published the first piece here and will publish the others from time to time. Drops of Scenery was…

From My Mother’s Diary


A mother finds out that her diary has been published online by her daughter. In the Italian section Margutte has already published “From the Diary of an Aspiring Writer”  and will publish pages from other diaries.

From the Diary of a Bookkeeper


A year without the car and much more. SILVIA PIO (drawing by the author) Margutte has already published “From the Diary of an Aspiring Writer” and will publish pages of other diaries.