First Snow


JOHN I. CLARKE Cold, wet snow driving against the window. The sky is grimly grey and I don’t think we’ll see any real daylight at all. Not today. One of those days best wrapped up and forgotten about. I’m sitting…

Standing Out


FRANCES FAHY If I saw someone like me, an almost six-foot tall, 24 year-old slim, blond waitress with typical Nordic features, carrying a laden drinks tray and trying to navigate her way between tables on four-inch heels, in a crowded…

An Interview with Marco Tomatis


ABSTRACT Marco Tomatis is a writer and an organizer of cultural activities. He often works with the illustrator Cinzia Ghigliano; they have published a significant number of books and comics. He has written novels together with Loredana Frescura for major…

Rafael Horzon at the Museum of Rivoli


FRANCESCA FERRUA presents The White Book, picaresque novel by German author (but also student, parcels delivery man, art agent, owner of a night club, furniture designer and much more) Rafael Horzon.  

The dwarves of Norea


SILVANO GREGOLI. THE 60s, VALL’ELLERO The Dwarves of Norea! Whenever I think back to that remote spring morning, I feel a disturbing sensation of disbelief. Did it really happen? Yet the story unfolds from a beam of initial certainties. The…

An Honourable Man


JOHN I. CLARKE Footsore and weary, the Historic Tour of the City group completed their trip as Ed made his final pitch for big juicy tips. “Well here you are folks, back to the Minster. Keep safe and enjoy the…